Lyfee All-In-One Pack - Wholesale

Lyfee All-In-One Pack - Wholesale


Use a Lyfee-Line Educator code to receive 10% off | The LYFEE Variety Pack is the perfect solution for those looking for an all-in-one suite of LYFEE products. With a purchase of a LYFEE Variety pack, you will receive the following:

Suggested Retail Prices:

  • CBD Oral Spray: $45.00
  • CBD + CBN Tincture: $130.00
  • Ultra-Hydrating Mouth Spray 2-pack: $28.00


  • With a purchase of one or more of our LYFEE Variety Packs, you will receive 12 free LYFEE Foaming CBD Hand Cleansers.
    • Suggested Retail Price: $10-$14 per unit